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CTO/Head of Strasbourg Agency/Cofounder

After leaving school Adrien cut his teeth on the first versions of SharePoint: Intranet, platforms to collaborate and was naturally led to the Microsoft 365 and Power Platform transition.

He’s a seasoned functional architect and helps our clients in the implementation of richer composite solutions, drawing on all the bricks offered by this ecosystem.

‘None of us know what we all know together.’

- Euripide
Adrien Bur | LinkedIn
Adrien Bur Adrien Bur fun



Thibaut has specialized for more than 13 years in the sale and management of complex projects in the fields of collaboration and ways to digitize professions. He comes from a technical background, then worked exclusively with Microsoft solutions. This explains the reason why Thibaut naturally created Qwerio.

Today, Thibaut is dedicated to the strategy and management of the Company while supporting clients on the most complex projects. He has a perfect understanding of the issues and associated problems.

‘Coming together is a beginning; staying together is progress; working together is a success. ’

- Henry Ford
Thibaut Reilhan | LinkedIn
Thibaut Reilhan Thibaut Reilhan fun


Office Manager Strasbourg

After a law degree, Marie chose to work on customer relations and team micromanagement.

For her joining Qwerio appeared obvious: as a true follower of IT culture and after ten years of practice, she wanted to participate in the development of a young company!

‘In some circumstances in life when a person looks like a computer: everything remains smooth on the outside but blinking neurons with frenzy.’

- Daniel Pennac
Marie Jaeger | LinkedIn
Marie Jaeger Marie Jaeger fun


Alliance Manager/Co-founder

Vincent has more than 20 years of practice in the BtoB software publishing sector, and more particularly in the way to digitize business processes.

In 2005, he partly created the French subsidiary of K2. They published a suite of tools to conceive business applications while relying on Microsoft technologies. He is CEO of K2 France (2009 to 2018) which had more than 200 client companies, 50% of which are listed on the CAC 40 (the French stock market index). Vincent Marlard graduated from the ESCE (International Business School). He regularly lectures on how to optimize operational processes and collaboration in companies.

‘The best way to predict the future is to create it’

- Peter Drucker
Vincent Marlard | LinkedIn
Vincent Marlard Vincent Marlard


Paris Agency manager/Microsoft architect

Farid reveals a passion for IT. He has more than 17 years of practice and worked on significant projects to update information systems with major accounts in industry, retail and financial services in France and internationally.

Being an expert in infrastructure and Low-Code solutions in the Microsoft universe, he’s the ideal contact to discuss the various possibilities for developing your information system.

‘Wisdom is having dreams big enough not to lose sight when we pursue them. ’

- Francis Scott Fitzgerald
Farid Bouzid | LinkedIn
Farid Bouzid Farid Bouzid fun

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