Upgrading Visitor Management at SIDEL: A Transition Towards Efficiency and User Experience

SIDEL & QWERIO: Improving Site Visit Management

Solutions :

Manager application to manage visits via a PowerApps

SharePoint-based solution

Workflows for notifications and document generation via Power Automate

Application integrated in Teams


Context :

A leading actor for more than 170 years in the markets of beverages, food, home and personal care, SIDEL operates 14 factories around the world.

Until recently, visit management was orchestrated through an aging application. Faced with functional challenges, SIDEL decided to undertake an upgrade project, first aiming for a minimum viable product before considering progressive improvements. The new application covers both internal and external needs, and even offers a module dedicated to the creation of Visa requests.


Objectives :

  • Replace the existing solution with a reviewed and modernized solution.
  • Facilitate visits planning and coordination across various sites.
  • Deliver a minimum viable product quickly to meet immediate needs while considering future improvements.


Action plan :

1️⃣ Two brief presentations to define the needs and the current state (30 min to 1h each).

2️⃣ Two intensive workshops (2h each) to specify the functional requirements in detail, including mock-ups and discussions on our vision of the project.

3️⃣ Several brainstorming workshops focused on modernizing the user experience with our UI/UX expert, Lola.

4️⃣ A development phase (focused on adaptability on phone and web) with weekly monitoring.

5️⃣ Phases of testing and production to ensure a smooth transition.


The solution :


Modernization of SIDEL's Site Visit Management application

The newly developed application enables users to :

📅 Plan the logistical aspects of a visit (accommodation, catering, etc.)

📍 Select the visited site, entering visit information, and adding participants.

🔄 Manage internal organization (catering, coffee services, etc.) and external services (dinners, transport, accommodations).

💻 Simplify management with an admin interface that allows monitoring the status, designating a responsible person, and plan necessary services.

📧 Send email notifications to keep all participants and stakeholders informed.

📈 Consult a global visit planning.


Project duration :

About 3 months


Results :

😀 Improved user satisfaction.

⏱️ Increased efficiency, optimized organization, and significant time gains in the organization of visits.

✅ Reduction of potential errors.

🛠️ A reliable and robust solution, meeting expectations while providing a solid base for future developments.


Thanks to the Power Platform, getting rid of the technical debt has never been easier. With an unbeatable time-to-market, it is the perfect solution for quick, efficient, and cost-controlled modernization.

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